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Other Services Also Available Related to Astrology.

Marriage Matching Service @ Rs.500.


Marriage matching is very essential for a happy life of boy and girl who are going to get married.

It is based on the birth date, time and place of boy and girl.

Problems in the married life such as difference of opinion, divorce and unhappy situations can be reduced by getting marriage matching before marriage.

Marriage Date Selection @ Rs.500.


Marriage date selection is very essential for happy married life.

Some dates are good and some dated are bad based on the Star, Titi, and many reasons. Which will make some positive and negative reactions in life.

Selecting a good day for marriage and other auspicious events will make happiness in life.

Numerology Name Change @ Rs.1000.


Names are doing a big role in everybody life. Somebody getting positive results and somebody getting negative results.

Making the Name based on Numerology and Birth date will gives best result in life.

Some mismatching letters will make very bad effects in life. aking the name with good letter combination will make Success.

Vasthu Consultation @ Rs.1000.


Vasthu calculation is very important for every building for its stability, long life, growth and happiness of owner and the people who are living in that building.

Its an ancient and traditional calculation. It says the length and breath of new building, direction of main door and rooms.

Alterations in constructed buildings also possible.

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