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438, Kamarajar Nagar, Lalpuram, Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu, India.

Welcome to Shri Agasthiya Mahasiva Sukshma Nadi Astrology Centre

Heritage and Oldest Traditional Nadi Astrology Centre in Chidambaram, Near Vaitheeswaran Koil, India.


Why search Nadi astrology leaf?

Dear customer, experience one of the few remaining ancient mysteries in this world. Just imagine that someone promising to change your current destiny from Nadi Astrology who born thousands of years ago.

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How to get your Nadi Astrology Predictions by Online?

A person's Nadi Astrology Predictions are obtained by using Thumb Impression. “Right Thumb Impression is used for Male and Left Thumb Impression is used for Female”.

There are five to six Nadi Leaf books can be available for every Thumb Impression and such books will contains 50 to 100 Nadi Leaves. Nadi Astrology books are catalogued based on the signs on the Thumb Impression. By using Thumb Impression Nadi leaf books can be approximately located.

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Features of Online Nadi Astrology

Online Nadi Astrology is an easy way to get your Nadi Reading.

1.There is no need to be here in person directly.

2.You can save your valuable time.

3.You can save lot of money that you use for travel and accommodations.

You just send your thumb impression by whatsapp or email along with your details and we will search your Nadi leaf and give your Nadi Astrology online reading asap.

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Special Services

Other Services Also Available Related to Astrology.

Marriage Matching Service


Marriage matching is very essential for a happy life of boy and girl who are going to get married.

Marriage Date Selection


Marriage date selection is very essential for happy married life.Some dates are good and some dated are bad based on the Star, Titi.

Numerology Name Change


Names are doing a big role in everybody life. Somebody getting positive results and somebody getting negative results.

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