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About Nadi Astrologer Guruji Agatthiyar

For more than four generations, our family members have been providing accurate Nadi Astrology predictions to people around the world from Vaitheeswaran koil. Millions of people are living a peaceful and happy life by getting accurate nadi astrology predictions with us.

I am Guruji Agathyar in the fourth generation currently serving the people of the world by providing accurate Nadi Astrology predictions. Since I was 13 years old, I have been reading the notes written in Nadi Astrology Nadi leaves, understanding their meanings and giving accurate Nadi Astrology predictions to people. Since last 90 years from our oldest Nadi Astrology Center in Chidambaram we have been providing our services directly and online to people living in many parts of the world.

I can give Nadi Predictions in major languages of India. Also we have expert nadi astrologers in those languages by reading nadi astrology predictions for people speaking languages like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, English, and many others.

We have translators according to the respective languages spoken in many countries like China, Germany, Russia, etc., so you can get accurate astrology predictions from any part of the world regardless of the language in their own language.

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This Nadi astrology is written by saint Agastya by getting the blessings of lord Shiva and Parvathi

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